Pension Assurance Company "FUTURE" JSC was founded in 2003, then as part of the financial group "DZI" the company bears the name "DZI - Pension assurance" AD. Since its inception the company is managed by the executive members of the BD - Valery Alexiev and Andrei Shotov. The Company is registered and licensed to operate in supplementary mandatory and voluntary pension assurance. The company established respectively "Universal", "Professional" and "Voluntary" pension funds. The company, raises its customers pursuant to the statutory set methods, and manage its customers assets in accordance with the legal framework, guided by the principles:

- Obligatory / voluntary participation
- Legal independence of the pension assurance company and the universal, occupational and voluntary pension funds managed by it;
- Transparency, separation and exclusivity of the activity;
- Licensing and government regulation;
- Mandatory periodic reporting and disclosure;
- Fair competition among pension companies;
- Representing the interests of insured persons.

In 2007 the company left the financial group of "DZI". After separation from "DZI" the company changed its name and the names of the funds it manages. In 2011, "Pension Insurance Company - FUTURE" SA became part of the financial group "Eurohold" AD. Currently the company is managed by the executive members of BD Kalin Kostov and Andrei Shotov. As of 01.01.2012 in the funds managed by the company are assured:

- UPF - 106,673 persons
- PPF - 6444 persons
- VPF - 5255 persons.

As of 01.01.2012 the assets of the funds managed by the company, are in amount of:

- UPF - over 64 million leva
- PPF - over 5 million. leva
- VPF - over 4 million. leva

Contact Person

Mira Makaveeva


43 "Hristofor Columb" blvd. , fl.7 1592 Sofia


+359 29651 650


supplementary old-age pension, disability pension, inheritance