How to help your Greek business to survive under capital controls

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Eurofast Global (Greece) with the support of the Association of Exporters of Northern Greece-SEVE will organize on Wednesday, July 22, 2015 at 17:00-19:30 in Thessaloniki an informative event to «THE MET HOTEL» 48, 26th October Street, and in Athens, Thursday, July 23 2015, in its offices at 12 Theophanous Street, 7th floor, Ampelokipoi, P.C. 11523,  with subject:

«How to help your Greek business to survive under capital controls»


  • The current situation in Greece for the export business with the establishment of a bank holiday and capital controls.

  • The experience of Cyprus from the period of capital controls. Comparison and perspectives.

  • Alternative ways of payment in international trade bank holiday period.

  • Opening and maintaining corporate bank accounts in other countries. Procedures and conditions.

  • Money movements (cash in general) by travellers.

  • Alternative corporate presence. Advantages and benefits.

  • Tax complications

  • Discussion / Questions

For your attendance please inform us by July, 22, 2015 in our lines: 210-8257720-22 or via email:

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