KLC Law Firm Head of International Offices Appointment

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As of February 1st 2011, Mr. George Ftikas have been appointed KLC Law Firm Head of International Offices. Mr. Ftikas will be managing the offices in Bulgaria, Romania and Belgium.

Founded in 2004, KLC Romania is a highly regarded provider of top-class legal advice and is headed by KLC’s Partner Ms. Mariana Voicu, Romanian attorney at law. Ms. Voicu has a wide experience in legal and business counselling to international, regional and local clients in connection with foreign investments -especially in the transfer of shares or in capital increase, in privatization projects, real estate acquisitions for green-field projects. Her experience comprises due diligence in corporate, real estate etc., privatization projects and negotiations with Romanian State, competition and antitrust issues, labour and employment, international commercial contracts, etc. KLC Romania is situated at the heart of the city of Bucharest. All KLC Romania attorneys have international exposure and education and they match top-end Romanian expertise with long experience and in-depth knowledge of the business and commercial environment.

Since Greece has joined the European Union at the beginning of 1980, KLC Partners in Belgium have been involved in seminal cases particularly in cases of EU antitrust law, State aid and also the harmonization of Greek legislation and administrative national practices to the European “acquis” , both before the Commission, as well as before the European Court of Justice. Since 2004, KLC Law Firm maintains an office in Brussels, which supports cases entrusted to all KLC offices that need representation before the European Courts. Additionally, in view of KLC’s expansion to Romania and Bulgaria, the Firm has handled similar cases of European Law concerning the adaptation of these countries to the European legislation and has represented them in front of the European Courts.

Mr. George Ftikas remains at the disposal of all HBCB members and friends to discuss any legal issue, pertaining to their business activities in the region.

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