Last news from Greece: Greece needs to safeguard “brand Greece’ for tourism recovery, INSETE survey says

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Greece is necessary to safeguard the “brand Greece” for the recovery of its tourism industry, the Institute of the Greek Tourism Confederation (INSETE) said in a survey, underlining that Greece has proven several times in the past that it successfully deals with difficulties.
The survey, titled: “The COVID-19 pandemic and Greek tourism”, assessed the factors affecting the course of tourism and data from the top 10 markets based on their contribution to the country’s travel receipts, or 2/3 of the total receipts.
The survey noted that so far Greece’s image in Europe and abroad is that of a responsible country, something it is expected it will “cash in” in the future, if the image continues at the same pace.
INSETE said that an apparent recovery in Asia, and particularly China, combined with a more complimentary picture presented by Greece compared with tourism rivals, has created the opportunity for a further expansion in these markets.
It added that there is a possibility of comparable higher demand for travel services in the fourth quarter of 2020, maybe even in September. The survey said that a recovery of tourism, on a global scale, was not expected to be equally distributed geographically, or among various sectors.

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