Last news from Greece: Greek banks will lead effort to bring economy back to normality, Eurobank’s deputy CEO says

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Greek banks will will be at the forefront of the effort to get the economy back to normality and activate productive processes, by supporting households and enterprises, Stavros Ioannou, Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Group Chief Operating Officer (COO) & International Activities, Eurobank SA said on Monday.
In comments made to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency, Ioannou said that “for Greek banks, which focused on minimising the impact of the economic crisis in the previous decade, the current crisis and the extreme measures taken were a great ordeal. Nevertheless, having set off from a different starting point compared with other European banks, which have invested heavily in their digitalisation, the domestic banking system showed remarkable readiness and adaptability”.
He said that Eurobank managed to use its digital services under great pressure and has achieved an operational “miracle”. “We won this bet,” he said, adding that the next big wager for everyone was “the economy’s return to normality and the activation of productive processes; and in this effort, banks will be at the forefront, supporting households and enterprises”.
Ioannou said that the number of new active customers in March soared 114 pct compared with March 2019 and 50 pct compared with February 2020 thanks to the remote digital onboarding service.

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