Last news from Greece: SYRIZA tables amendment extending primary residence protection from foreclosure

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Main opposition SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras on Thursday tabled an amendment in parliament, signed by all main opposition MPs, that extends current protection for primary residences until the end of 2020. The amendment was tabled during the discussion of a draft bill for the ratification of an Act of Legislative Contect issued on March 20.
SYRIZA urged the government to accept the amendment “and not leave thousands of households suffering the repercussions of the pandemic unprotected.” The party noted that current protections from foreclosure and auctions will come to an end as of May 1, while the government has not tabled a new bankruptcy law framework that covers individuals and businesses.
“The health crisis of the recent period and its consequences make it imperative to immediately deal with this issue, which is of crucial importance for preserving social cohesion and the smooth operation of the economy,” the party added, noting that its proposal called for an extension of protection and a ban on foreclosure auctions until the end of the year.
Party leader Alexis Tsipras urged Parliament to vote for the amendment, and said “it’s inconceivable to ask people to stay home and at the same time auction homes of people who cannot meet their loan obligations in the midst of a crisis.”
After criticizing the government for reducing wages by half and leading to the suspension of jobs, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis “has no excuse – he should come to Parliament and we should all vote for Syriza’s proposal,” Tsipras stressed.

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