Maxim and Stefan Ivanovi, who crossed the Atlantic Ocean by rowing boat, are the main characters in Postbank’s new campaign

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Their inspiring story presents a consumer loan with interest-free overdraft for a whole year –

a topical product designed to support any plan, dream or idea

“Probably every dream, no matter how impossible it may seem, can be achieved if you put enough thought, preparation and effort. We knew nothing about boat building, rowing and navigating the ocean, but it was very interesting to learn from scratch in all these areas,” said Maxim and Stefan Ivanovi, who crossed the Atlantic in the summer of 2020. The incredible achievement was accomplished in the midst of a global pandemic and in the busiest hurricane season in the Atlantic since statistics are being kept, after 105 days of sailing the ocean with Neverest – the rowing boat they built themselves. Their story comes to life again in Postbank’s latest commercial to inspire more people to pursue their dreams. Through its product, which combines consumer loan with interest-free overdraft for a whole year, the bank offers consumers the necessary financial freedom to implement large and small personal projects.

“The topic of dreams and endless opportunities for every person, company and business is leading for Postbank at a time when we are celebrating 30 years on the Bulgarian market. All activities of our financial institution – from the products we create for our clients, to the projects for corporate social responsibility, which we implement and support, aim to create conditions for positive change and opportunities for realizing the human potential on an individual, business and social level. We are happy that in the face of two Bulgarians who made their “impossible” dream come true, we found ambassadors of one of our leading products, which combines consumer loan with promo conditions with interest-free overdraft for a whole year. We relaunch it on the market in the challenging 2021 to give our customers the opportunity to restart their plans, so that they can return to their dreams,” Postbank commented.


The consumer loan with interest-free overdraft for a whole year combines two of the most preferred products and in the turbulent 2020 it proved to be a highly successful financial solution. That is why it has become again a leading offer in Postbank’s portfolio for this year. During the campaign period – until 31 October 2021, the bank’s clients can apply for a loan of up to BGN 70,000 at special promo conditions and an interest-free overdraft for the first year in the amount of one net salary or up to BGN 3,000. The loan can be used both to cover current needs and to consolidate liabilities, as customers have the opportunity to be offered additional preferential terms, if they meet the requirements of the bank. They can take advantage of the offer for the overdraft in case of utilized consumer loan and a transfer of salary to an account in Postbank. The approved overdraft limit may be used repeatedly, in whole or in part, both for cash withdrawals and for payment for goods and services.


The customers can use a consumer loan to finance their bigger personal projects – from renovations, home furnishings or purchase of a new car, to education. At the same time, they ensure they have funds (the amount of the overdraft) to cover all daily and sudden expenses. Customers can apply entirely online. They can also take advantage of express processing of the loan application, and receive a response within two working hours, according to the Terms published on the bank’s website. The commercial, in which the main characters are Maxim and Stefan Ivanovi, is an inspiring message to everyone who pursue their dreams, even when they seem impossible. Here is what Stefan Ivanov, a financier with extensive experience who deals with corporate and investment banking, says about their decision to join the advertisement and about its filming: “We found the idea, which was tied to dreams, to teamwork, exciting. We found it very interesting, very close to our voyage’s meaning and purpose. The shooting of the video was like a déjà vu – we remembered those 105 sunrises and 105 sunsets we saw during the voyage. “Son and father make their dream to build a boat and embark on a real ocean adventure with it comes true, as it not only brings them great satisfaction and inspires others to follow their own dreams, but also sends an important message to the Bulgarian society.

Their voyage is dedicated to the “Yes! For life!” campaign of the Ministry of Health, which promotes organ donation after death for life-saving transplants. Maxim became “the youngest rower to cross the ocean” (16 years and 293 days on the day of the departure) – an official Guinness World Record, and NEVEREST – “the first rowing boat to cross the Atlantic from east to west entirely during hurricane season.”


You can find more information about Postbank’s consumer loans and other products offered by the bank at, in the specialized centers, and offices of the bank.



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