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GLOBUL post-paid clients may now enjoy more advantages with the new E-Request service available via the operator’s internet portal MyGLOBUL (

E-Request users have fast, easy and absolutely free-of-charge access to the information about their address for correspondence with GLOBUL and may edit it at any time, they can check the status, activate of deactivate additional services like roaming, GRPS roaming limit, analytical bill and CLIR. E-Request also gives access to the users’ PUK code which is necessary to unblock a SIM-card, which was locked due to wrong PIN.

All changes are being made online and in real time and users see the result immediately. They also receive SMS notification for each successful change request.

The MyGLOBUL ( internet portal is available to all GLOBUL users upon registration. The portal allows users to check the status of their bundles, their current bill or to renew their subscription contract under and check their loyalty offer with the Program TOGETHER Online service. The portal also offers various add-ons like additional bundles of call minutes or mobile internet traffic, For Friends calling group management, recharge of b-connect and FROG Mobile pre-paid cards, handset setting, FUN Call tones management and a variety of information services, ringtone, games, and video downloads.

GLOBUL is the trademark under which Cosmo Bulgaria Mobile EAD offers mobile telecommunications services in Bulgaria. The company is 100% owned by COSMOTE (member of OTE Group), the operator with the widest presence in Southeast Europe. As of the end of March 2010, GLOBUL has 3.8 million subscribers, while its services are available to 99.97% of Bulgaria’s population, covering over 99.02% of the country’s territory. GLOBUL UMTS network covers 82.5% of the population. GLOBUL along with GERMANOS employ more than 2,300 people in the country. COSMOTE Group at the end of March 2010 has approximately 21.8 million customers in SE Europe.


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