Mortgage loan with fixed interest and a 30-year repayment period

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Postbank is set to launch a new Super Mortgage Loan on the Bulgarian market. It is the first mortgage loan with a fixed interest rate during the entire repayment period. The innovative product provides long-term security and predictability to the customers planning a real property purchase. The up to EUR 250,000 loan can be used for home purchase, repair, construction or finishing works, as well as for refinancing an existing mortgage loan. 
The innovative product has been created to meet the consumer demand for security and easy cost planning. Data of Gemius Bulgaria’s survey, commissioned by Postbank, show that over 30% of consumers, who do not own a home, fear borrowing a loan. The financial institution points out that one of the reasons for this is long repayment periods and the impossibility of predicting possible changes in floating interest rates and instalment amounts, respectively. A survey among the bank’s clients, who use credit products, indicates that 85% of them prefer guaranteed monthly instalments for the entire repayment period. To meet this demand, the bank has created a financial solution which ensures predictability of costs and a guaranteed amount of monthly instalments during the entire repayment period thanks to a fixed interest rate.
Mortgage loans with a fixed interest rate for the entire repayment period have not been offered on the Bulgarian market so far and Postbank has been the first lender to introduce such a financial product. This type of loans is an established product and is actively offered by leading banks in the developed western countries such as the USA and the UK.
Postbank’s new credit product provides an optimal solution to concrete expectations of Bulgarian consumers, namely being able to plan their expenses in the long run without fearing possible economic changes. It is the only housing loan on the Bulgarian market which guarantees security and predictability until 2050.
“The excellent customer experience and the provision of modern financial products, which meet the changing consumer expectations, are at the focus of everything we do. The mortgage loan with a fixed interest rate with a 30-year repayment period is yet another proof of this – it is adjusted to the increasing interest in financial products, which make efficient planning of family budgets possible and, at the same time, offer additional benefits to consumers. We are the only bank on the Bulgarian market which provides its clients with clarity and a long-term time horizon so that they can realize their plans for an own home purchase or real property investments. Borrowing Postbank’s Super Mortgage Loan, consumers will know the exact amount of the instalments from the first to the last day of the loan repayment period. Considering the guaranteed instalment amount, the product can provide also a financial advantage on the background of the rising real property and rent prices, while the monthly instalments of the housing loan remain the same,” commented Rumen Radushev, Deputy Head of Retail Banking Sector of Postbank.
The new Super Mortgage Loan of Postbank with fixed interest rate during the entire repayment period provides large financing of up to EUR 250,000 with an up to 30-year repayment period. Postbank offers flexible loan conditions, as clients can choose the repayment period with a fixed interest rate that most suits their needs – 10, 15, 20, 25 and even 30 years. The clients, who seek long-term security, can benefit from additional protection of instalments by opting for the bank’s Life insurance package. What is more, they can combine the loan with convenient additional services such as a package programme for banking service and free internet and mobile banking.
In addition to the advantages of the fixed interest rate, the new Super Mortgage Loan, provides an option for a flexible management of monthly instalments. This way, loan holders can rely on greater convenience and freedom when paying the loan because they can reduce or increase the amount of their monthly instalments as they choose, while the interest rate remains the same. For instance, in case of a period of larger expenses (unpredicted repair or a trip), clients can temporarily reduce the amount of their monthly instalments or increase it if they have more free capital. The flexible management of the loan is possible thanks to the Flexy option, which can be combined with the Super Mortgage Loan.
The new loan with a fixed interest rate for the entire repayment period is available at the bank’s offices, as well as the specialized network of nearly 30 housing lending centres across the country where customers can receive professional consultation on mortgage products and the application process. The bank’s experts advise consumers on the housing loan that is suitable for them, the loan amount, the required steps, etc.
More information about the new Super Mortgage Loan with a fixed interest rate is available on, in the specialized centres and offices of the bank, at a meeting with a mobile banking expert or on short code *7224.

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