Mr Kalin Yonov takes over as CEO in the Bulgarian subsidiary of “Loulis Mills” Group

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As of February 1st, 2021, Mr Kalin Yonov has taken over the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Loulis Mills’s Bulgarian subsidiary, “Loulis Mel Bulgaria”.


“Loulis Mel Bulgaria” owns and operates a state-of-the-art flour milling installation in the city of General Toshevo in North East Bulgaria. The company in 2020, its first year of operation, generated revenues of approximately 6 million EURO while it processed approximately 21’000 tons of wheat and employed 40 people.


Mr Kalin Yonov, a graduate of Athens University of Economics, has worked on top positions for more than 10 years in Balkan subsidiaries of Greek-Belgian metallurgical group Viohalco. He expanded lately his field of expertise with the CEO position in Belovo Paper Mill SA, a leading producer of FMCG hygiene products. He speaks fluently 6 languages and is receiving this month his MBA title in Strategic Management from the University of Sofia.

Having broad general management experience in redefining organizational structure, developing sales, managing supply chains and financing business plans, Mr Yonov will be responsible for implementing the Board’s vision and strategy for the future growth of Loulis Mills in Bulgaria.

Mr Nikos Loulis, chairman of Loulis Mills stated: “I am very happy and excited to welcome Mr Yonov in our group. Kalin has had a stellar professional career in reputable commodity related industries while his experience in high level functions can only add value to our business. Most importantly Kalin has a great character and work ethic, which ensure his fit within our organization. I am confident that with the great team that we have in “Loulis Mel Bulgaria” and the amazing support from our “Loulis Mills SA” team, Kalin will be able to guide the company forward. I would also like to take the opportunity and thank Mr Dimitris Tarnaras, who has handed over to Mr Kalin Yonov. Dimitris has been pivotal in setting up our Bulgarian Subsidiary and its operations and has been a key piece for our success. I am looking forward to welcoming Dimitris back to Greece where he will be promoted to Group deputy CEO.”

Mr Kalin Yonov, incoming CEO commented: “I am truly thrilled to enter the Loulis Group of companies. Loulis combines traditional family values with lean corporate structure, a winning recipe for high quality and customer satisfaction. Moving forward, my efforts will be concentrated on the deployment of a dynamic business plan which will reinforce the competitive position of Loulis Mel Bulgaria.

Μr Dimitris Tarnaras, outgoing CEO commented: “It was both a privilege and a challenge to arrange the startup of our factory in Bulgaria. It was a unique experience, and we did amazing team work.

Mr Yonov counts on my full support for a smooth management transition, as I continue being part of the group serving as the Group deputy CEO”.

A few words about Loulis Mills

The Greek company Loulis Mills S.A. , has 2 centuries of continuous presence in the Balkan markets while it holds the 1st place in the Greek flour and baking ingredients industry. With four state of the art production plants in Sourpi (Greece), Keratsini (Greece), Thiva (Greece) and General Toshevo (Bulgaria), it is known to all its partners, suppliers and customers for the excellent quality products, high level services and value creation for the community.

With a wide distribution network, it serves customers from Greece to Romania. Today, the company generates approximately 115 million EURO revenues, employs 340 employees, constantly invests in new technologies and places sustainability as one of its core strategic goals.

Loulis Mills S.A. is listed in the Athens Stock Exchange with the distinctive code ‘LOULIS’.

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