Mtel‘s Customers Will Receive a New Invoice with More Information and Modern Design

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Starting from May all Mtel clients will receive an invoice with a new design and content, the telecom announced on a special press conference on the 8th of April, 2015. The changes were made after a sociological survey conducted among the company’s clients carried out by GfK Bulgaria.

The first stages of the survey showed that the predominant part of the customers consider the old invoice “insufficiently comprehensive”. Therefore, in the period September-October 2014 Mtel initiated focus groups among clients aged between 25 and 45 years old, who use various subscription plans and packages with services.

“The recommendations and wishes of the participants were taken into consideration entirely”, said Elina Petrova, Mtel’s Customer Experience Manager.

According to the “Clients Service” director in the telecom Zdravko Georgiev, the new invoice provides more detailed information in comparison to the older one. The clients will see details for their subscription plans and the services and packages included in them, as well as their consumption. “The new invoice will be even more understandable and the information will be given in an easy and user-friendly way”, he added.

The new design and content are applied to both the paper and the electronic version of the invoice. The electronic version is fully colored, while the paper one is black and white with color elements. Currently over 74% of Mtel’s residential customers have opted to receive only electronic invoices.

Mtel’s new invoice is part of the telecom’s efforts to improve the way in which it interacts with its customers, as it increases their satisfaction and in the same time aims to turn them into fans of the company”, commended Elina Petrova. That’s why for several years Mtel has been working on a special program. Included in it are not only improvements of the invoice for the clients, but also the development and offering of products, which are entirely consistent with the costumer’s needs, better store service, simplifying and reducing documentation when signing contracts, improvement of the loyalty programs, etc.

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