Mtel offers new tariff plans with unlimited calls to everyone

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  • The tariffs are unique on the Bulgarian market; They will enable clients to talk and surf without any worries;
  • With “Mtel Unlimited” the telecom sets the start of the surprises for its 20th anniversary.

Unlimited calls to all national mobile and fixed networks are offered with the new tariff plans of “Mtel Unlimited”. They can be bought from today in the telecom’s shops throughout the whole country and on the website. For first time in the country there is a telecom which offers unlimited calls with all modifications of a tariff plan regardless of the monthly fee.
The beneficial tariffs are in four versions and the fees range from 30 up to 70 BGN per month. For 30 BGN per month the customers will receive both unlimited calls and 1 GB mobile Internet with a bonus of 2 GB for Facebook and Viber each. In that way everyone who uses “Mtel Unlimited” with 30 BGN monthly fee has a total of 5 GB for surfing on the web.
The “Mtel Unlimited” tariff plan which costs 70 BGN per month is truly unique for the Bulgarian market. Everyone who uses this variety of the tariff plan receives unlimited text messages in Mtel’s network, 1 000 free text messages towards other networks, 10 GB mobile Internet plus 2 GB towards Facebook and Viber each on top of the unlimited calls. The offer is attractive for frequent travelers as well as the 70 BGN fee includes 1 000 free minutes for international calls as well as 1 000 minutes, 1 000 text messages and 1 000 MB mobile Internet in roaming.
If the clients choose a second tariff plan from the same type – ”Mtel Unlimited” – or a fixed service from Mtel, they will receive 20% discount of their monthly fee and the opportunity to choose a smart device on a preferential price in cash or leasing.
The tariff plans “Mtel Unlimited” are the beginning of the surprises which the telecom has prepared for its clients for its 20th anniversary.
*The offers are valid with a 2-year contract.
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