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IKEA Sofia attracted great interest during the 4 past holiday and non-working days resulting in nearly 100 000 people visiting the store. People from Sofia but also from the rest of the country, decided to visit the store and experience themselves the unique concept of IKEA.

Visitors enjoyed the wide variety of offered furniture and home accessories while IKEA co-workers where available to support them in any question they had. Kitchens and wardrobes draw the attention of the visitors while sofas, reflecting the needs of the Bulgarian consumers, outperformed the expectations. Furthermore, kitchen accessories and home textiles have persuaded the consumers on the quality and the very good price that they are offered. Visitors enjoyed a break in the restaurant of the store and had the opportunity to taste the special Swedish meatballs, while their kids had the time of their lives in the traditional Swedish playground “SMALLAND”.

No issue was faced on the movement and parking of the visitors. Despite the fact that in most hours the parking of the store was completely full, the excellent organization of the parking management together with the additional parking organized at Simeonovski lift, resulted in minor delays. It is worth mentioned that special shuttle buses were provided by IKEA between the lift and the store in order to facilitate the smooth transfer of visitors.

As already announced IKEA, expects over 1,5 million visitors in the store for the first year. Up to now, IKEA Sofia employs more than 330 people, and this number will increase with the development of the store in the country.

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