New advantegeous conditions for “Active Home” loan

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Postbank’s “Active Home” loan has new advantegous conditions. Until the end of June, all loan applicants will be freed of the application fee. All extended loans during this period can be prepayed with own funds without a fee. 

The “Active home” loan can be used to meet any financial needs of the customer. The funds can be used for different purposes like repairs, furnishing, investing in education, as well as other personal and domestic plans. “Active home” also provides customers the opportunity to combine already existing loans, such as consumer loans, credit cards, overdraft and others, in one in order to optimize expenses and easier management. The maximum amount of the loan is 50 000 EUR or the corresponding amount in BGN for a period of 25 years with financing up to 70% of the market price of the estate provided as loan collateral.

In addition all borrowers of mortgage loans from Postbank can take advantage of the “Flexi” option, which allows them to control their monthly payment. This unique for the market functionality provides clients with additional flexibility, which gives them the opportunity to reduce their monthly payment by 50% or increase by 100% during 6 months of the year, as well as skip one payment annually altogether.

Customers may receive additional information and a personal consultation on the conditions of the loan in the nearest branch of Postbank. Loan applications may be submitted online at


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