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GLOBUL launched its first additional bundles for calls to all mobile and fixed networks in Europe, the US, Canada, Russia and other countries within the international zones 1 and 2.

With the new GLOBUL Call Abroad add-ons, all GLOBUL post-paid subscribers can add 25 or 50 minutes per month for international calls to Zone 1 and Zone 2 at a monthly fee of BGN 7.90 or BGN 14.90 respectively. Another new additional bundle, GLOBUL Call Europe, offers 100 minutes for calls to numbers from international Zone 1 at BGN 5.90 per month.

The GLOBUL Call Unlimited packages are now more appealing and diverse as well. Those of them which include unlimited voice and video calls, SMS and MMS to one, two or three GLOBUL mobile numbers are now offered at lower monthly fees of BGN 3.30, BGN 4.90 and BGN 5.90 respectively. The newly launched GLOBUL Call Unlimited 5 offers unlimited use of the same services to five numbers from the operator’s mobile network at a price of BGN 7.90 per month.

Now, GLOBUL clients can also enjoy the opportunity to add more national call minutes to their subscription program. The updated GLOBUL Call National add-ons now include 30 and 60 minutes for calls to all national networks at monthly fees of BGN 5.90 and BGN 9.90 respectively. Subscribers who opt for the biggest of those bundles will have 250 national call minutes in addition at BGN 25.90 per month.

All additional bundles are available to all new and existing clients of the GLOBUL residential post-paid programs. The add-ons can be activated by sending a free SMS with activation code of the selected bundle, at a shop from GLOBUL retail chain or via MyGLOBUL internet portal. Subscribers can activate or deactivate the selected add-on at any time depending on their needs.

International Zone 1 includes mobile and fixed networks in the US, Canada and Russia as well as and fixed networks in almost all of Europe. International Zone 2 includes all mobile networks in Europe and the fixed networks in Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Estonia, Georgia, Gibraltar, Iceland, Latvia, Libya, Malta, Moldova, Morocco, Palestine Autonomy, San Marino, Tunisia and the Ukraine.

All prices are VAT inclusive.

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