New HBCB Board of Directors

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At its meeting following the General Assembly, the HBCB Board of Directors elected unanimously Mr. Stamatios Theodoropoulos, General Manager of Chipita Bulgaria as Chairman.

Mr. Nikolaos Kalaitzidakis, Country General Manager of Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria, Mr. Evangelos Lytras, Country Manager of Alpha Bank Bulgaria and Mr. Georgios Roussos, CEO of Intracom Bulgaria, were elected unanimously Deputy Chairmen. Mr. Angelos Paraschakis, CEO of DDB Sofia, was elected Secretary General.

The newly elected Board of Directors members expressed their willingness to bring the Council to the next level of business organization and to make all possible efforts so as give all members the possibility to feel the council as their business asset.

All Board members would like to express their deep gratitude to Mr. Ioannis Polykandriotis, CEO of Eko Bulgaria, Mr. Antony Hassiotis, CEO, Postbank Bulgaria, Mr. Nikolaos Georgopoulos, CEO of Drujba Glassworks and Mr. Spyridon Argyropoulos, President and Managing Director of BB&T, for their great efforts and valuable time they devoted to the Council’s good cause, resulting to a spectacularly improved modus operandi and achieved high results.

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