News from Greece: Gennimata calls for more liquidity in order to protect jobs and workers

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“Τhe government’s measures are not enough and the liquidity channeled to the market is less than in other countries,” stated Movement for Change (KINAL) leader Fofi Gennimata in an interview with Real FM on Tuesday.
Whereas some countries were offering levels of liquidity as high as 20 percent of their GDP, she added, “what we are talking about here is 1 percent. If enterprises fold, you appreciate how difficult it will be to open them again. We have already heard that Viohalco has shut down five factories,  I hope it will not be a permanent closure,” she said.
“We are sounding the alarm. We need a comprehensive plan for the recovery of the Greek economy,” she underlined, so that the workers did not end up bearing the brunt of the crisis.

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