One-Stop-Shop to make porting numbers in Globul network easier

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As of August 6, 2010 all mobile and fixed subscribers who wish to switch from another operator to GLOBUL and keep their numbers will benefit from the simplified one-stop-shop number portability procedure.

All residential and corporate users of post-paid or pre-paid services, who want to port their numbers in GLOBUL network, do not have to visit or notify their current operator. They simply have to visit a GLOBUL, GERMANOS or official partner shop and sign a contract for using GLOBUL services. Users may apply to port multiple numbers using the same type of service with a single application.

The one-stop-shop number portability procedure is completely free of charge for consumers. For the successful completion of the procedure, subscriber must pay all amounts due for services related to the ported number.

In case of successful porting, GLOBUL will notify the subscribers for the date of their numbers’ actual porting which is the date on whioch their subscription contract with GLOBUL comes into force. Until the procedure competion, the users remain clients of their current operator. The maximum deadline for porting mobile and fixed numbers is seven business days.


GLOBUL is the trademark under which Cosmo Bulgaria Mobile EAD offers mobile telecommunications services in Bulgaria. The company is 100% owned by COSMOTE (member of OTE Group), the operator with the widest presence in Southeast Europe. As of the end of March 2010, GLOBUL has 3.8 million subscribers, while its services are available to 99.97% of Bulgaria’s population, covering over 99.02% of the country’s territory. GLOBUL UMTS network covers 82.5% of the population. GLOBUL along with GERMANOS employ more than 2,300 people in the country. COSMOTE Group at the end of March 2010 has approximately 21.8 million customers in SE Europe.


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