Point of Single Contact project for the European Commission (DG Market)

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Deloitte Bulgaria is looking for participants for a study we are undertaking to test and discuss an online business support portal designed to help businesses in Bulgaria. 

Short background

In accordance with the EU Services Directive from 2006, all EU Member States are required to set up so-called Points of Single Contact (PSC) portals. They are meant to become fully fledged e-government portals allowing future entrepreneurs and existing businesses to easily obtain online all relevant information relating to their activities (applicable regulations, procedures to be completed, deadlines, etc.) and to complete electronically the relevant administrative procedures. The services offered by the PSCs need to be available not only in the country of the administration but they must also be accessible for businesses from other countries, across borders. Deloitte and Tech4i2 have been commissioned by the European Commission to undertake an assessment of the structure and impact of Points of Single Contact. 

Focus group participants

A significant part of the assessment is a focus group test of the portals. In Bulgaria we are both testing the Bulgarian portal and the portal of another member state. The focus group will be made up of minimum 9 business participants distributed among the following three sectors: Architecture, Food and Beverages and Tourism, with at least two participants from each sector. The workshop will last no longer than three hours, consisting of a scenario test of the two portals and a short group discussion.

Data and target group

The session will take place on 08th June 2011 at 9.30 am, at the Deloitte Bulgaria office, Sofia, 103, blvd. Alexander Stamboliiski, Sofia Tower, 6th floor. The ideal participant has some experience with administrative requirements, but does not need to be an expert. Further, the participants must be able to read English. There is a possibility to cover attendance expenses to certain level. The participants will have the opportunity to contribute towards making the delivery of cross-border service easier for businesses in Europe.   


If you would like to obtain further information about the focus group session, or you or a colleague of yours are interested in attending, please contact Milena Penevska, Senior consultant not later than 26th May 2011, at:

e-mail:                        mpenevska@deloittece.com

telephone number:     +359 (2) 8023 268; +359 (882) 801 383



 Participants will be selected on a first come; first served basis. 

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