Postbank and Mastercard® will create Green Outdoor Classroom

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The two companies and Vitosha Nature Park Directorate will invest resources and efforts in the restoration and improvement of the infrastructure of Bear Museum – Arboretum tourist route

 20 April 2021


Postbank and Mastercard are launching a joint project aimed to restore and improve the park infrastructure of Bear Museum (Muzey Na Mechkata) – Arboretum (Dendrarium) tourist route in Vitosha Nature Park. During the first phase of the project, volunteers from the two companies will join forces and together with Vitosha Nature Park Directorate will create Green Outdoor Classroom, which will be located next to the Bear Museum. The construction of an open-air amphitheatre corner designed for educational activities and celebrations will set-up a creative space, which will facilitate an innovative educational approach, as well as various entertainments for different groups of children who regularly visit the mountain.

The second phase of the project will include the construction of a connecting track between the Green Outdoor Classroom and the Arboretum area, so that visitors can enjoy safely walk in the forest between the two sites instead of using the main road.

The implementation of the project is part of Postbank’s active socially responsible policy related to the creation of sustainable models and solutions that change the environment. The Outdoor Green Classroom is an investment in a cause supported by a team of like-minded people who together promote environmental awareness, which is part of the bank’s corporate culture. The initiative is in line with the series of green projects that Postbank has been implementing for several consecutive years together with Vitosha Nature Park Directorate, thus prompting people’s responsible behaviour towards natural resources and motivating as many people as possible to take conscious actions to protect the environment.

“Sofia residents and we all enjoy a real treasure having the mountain so close to the big city. Our goal is to make Vitosha Mountain even more attractive, convenient and accessible through various initiatives and projects we implement together with Postbank‘s employees. We believe that joining efforts, we can achieve sustainable change. This is why Postbank focuses its efforts and resources on supporting projects with real added value for the community and believes that creating self-awareness, which will change our lives for the better, will be one of the great effects of its activities. We are glad to have the support of an innovative company such as Mastercard and becoming a part of the global Priceless Planet Coalition aimed to combat climate change. Thanks to the implementation of the Outdoor Green Classroom project, we have the opportunity to be a key partner of Mastercard’s network of green initiatives and to lend a hand to Vitosha Nature Park again”, Postbank commented.

According to Mastercard’s data from a study in 14 European countries, the Covid-19 pandemic in the past year has led to more resource-conscious consumer behaviour, as well as to greater interest in causes and businesses involved in sustainable development, combating climate change, and biodiversity conservation. Over 83% of the respondents said they would personally take part in actions and activities aimed at nature preservation and 52% of the respondents stated that after the Covid-19 crisis, they started paying attention to how their everyday choices affect the health of the entire planet.

“Mastercard focuses on technologies and digitalization, and believes that the innovations in recent years make no sense if they do not improve people’s lives and the planet as a whole. This is why each of our projects is looking for an opportunity to solve a problem, to support someone in need and to create added value. Our children, our tomorrow, stood in front of screens for a long time and we want to create an opportunity for them to go out in the fresh air, by improving and “adopting” a favourite place on the mountain which is priceless for Sofia residents”, Vanya Manova, Mastercard Manager for Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo said.

“One of the priorities in the activities of Vitosha Nature Park Directorate is the work with youngsters in order to build environmental awareness, cultivate love and respect for nature, as well as enrich their knowledge about the environment. By launching the project, which we are going to implement together with Postbank and Mastercard, we will upgrade the opportunities for conducting educational events on the territory of the Park. The Outdoor Green Classroom will help children have better direct contact with nature by offering them entertaining educational activities. At the same time, we will restore and improve the track between the Bear Museum and the Arboretum – two of the well-known and loved by tourists sites on Vitosha Mountain. We of would like to thank Postbank and Mastercard for the support and for believing in our cause for improving the Park’s infrastructure. We hope that with our joint activity we will be able to make the mountain even more accessible and attractive for people”, Anna Petrakieva, Director of Vitosha Nature Park said.

Earlier this year, Postbank and Mastercard issued the first metal credit card on the market, a product that is another important step towards using less plastic for everyday transactions.

The joint socially responsible project is to be implemented in 2021 and 2022.

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