Postbank and PAC Doverie join forces in a strategic partnership to the benefit of their clients

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The agreement will enable the bank’s clients to use even more innovative personal finance solutions

12 October 2021

Postbank and PAC Doverie, part of Vienna Insurance Group – one of the leading international insurance company, have signed a large-scale strategic partnership agreement that will provide their customers with access to some of the most innovative banking and pension insurance solutions on the market. The agreement enables the bank to expand its rich portfolio in order to offer comprehensive and full service to its customers by providing them with individual financial solutions customized according to their specific needs and expectations.

Thanks to the partnership, the bank’s clients will be able to quickly, easily and conveniently conclude their first contract for supplementary pension insurance, as well as to transfer their pension funds in other universal and/or professional funds to a fund managed by PAC Doverie. The agreement will offer all customers long-term plans with the option of joining a voluntary pension fund, which will provide them with a higher standard of living after reaching retirement age. In addition to other advantages, the supplementary pension insurance comes with an option of generating return on investment at a moderate level of risk.

The bank’s clients will be able to take advantage of the new services in each office of its broad branch network throughout the country, while enjoying a fully digitalized service process.

Postbank will also offer a special product designed for the clients of PAC Doverie, who are to soon enter retirement age, which will provide them with an opportunity for profitable daily banking.

The clients and employees of PAC Doverie will be able to use Postbank’s innovative financial products and individual solutions as well.

“Being among the leaders on the financial services market, our efforts are focused on the constant development and upgrading of a wide range of innovative solutions. We believe the needs of our customers are of paramount importance and therefore we strive to ensure not only the perfect user experience, but also to always add value to the products and services we develop. Our strategic partnership with PAC Doverie and the provision of quality pension insurance products allow us to meet the diverse needs and expectations of our clients, giving them the opportunity for even more precise and long-term planning in order to ensure the comfort and financial independence they need at every stage of their lives”, Postbank commented.

By entering the key cooperation partnership with PAC Doverie, Postbank is taking another step in establishing an innovative, customer-oriented approach to banking, expanding its rich portfolio and ensuring comprehensive and full customer service. 

Information about the strategic partnership and the financial solutions the banks offers can be found in Postbank’s wide branch network in the country, as well as on

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