Postbank Announces Promotional Conditions for Consumer Loans

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Postbank will offer consumer loans under promotional conditions until the end of the year. All new consumers loans in BGN and Euro, will be with half application fee, no granting fee 0%, and lower interest rates starting from 8.75% in Euro. Thаnks to the fast and flexible loan application process customers can receive approval within 1 day.

Anthony Hassiotis, CEO of Postbank said: “We are launching these promotional conditions on consumer loans in answer to the increased demand for loans – from both individuals and companies – which we have registered over the last months. This trend correlates to Eurobank EFG Group’s finding that domestic demand is gaining pace with private consupmtion showing signs of a mild recovery. In Q2 private consumption grew for a third consequtive quarter by 0.5% qoq and 1.4% yoy. This is a very encouraging trend which will be an important contributor to the growth of the economy.”   

The new conditions apply both for the bank’s standart consumer loan and the debt consolidation loan reaching up to 10 years tenor. Standard consumer loans cover a wide variety of consumer needs (house renovation, studies, purchasing auto or other consumer goods, travelling, cash etc.)  while the debt consolidation loan allows customers to merge all their existing loans from different banks into one loan for convenient management and more advantageous conditions. 

Additional information on Postbank’s consumer loans is available in all the bank’s branches where customers can also receive a personal consultation.

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