Postbank Applies to the BNB for Approval to Change its Corporate Governance Policy

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Postbank (legally known as Eurobank EFG Bulgaria) has applied to the Bulgarian National Bank for its approval to change its corporate governance policy into a two-tier management system. This change will improve the management of the Bank as it will segregate the duties of managing the institution and of supervising and controlling the management activities.

The Bank will thus be governed by two separate bodies:


  1. The Management Board and
  2. The Supervisory Board to which only non-executives with no involvement in the daily Management of the Bank will participate.

The above changes will result to the withdrawal of a number of the duties from the Chairperson of the Bank. As a result, Mrs. Emilia Milanova’s cooperation with Postbank will end.

The main Shareholders of the Bank, all the Members of the current Board of Directors and all the Staff of our Institution express their appreciation to Mrs. Milanova for her support and contribution during the period of her chair.


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