Postbank Hosts Business Forum in Varna

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Postbank hosted a round table discussion with representatives of Varna municipality and local business in Varna under the Bulgarian economy 2011 – challenges, opportunities, and strategies. The event is part of a series of meetings, which are organized by the bank throughout the country dedicated to maintaining active dialogue with representatives of the local business and authorities.

Issues of interest addressed at the meeting included the current macroeconomic environment, corporate lending and the specific needs of local businesses as well as ways to maintain stable market positions in challenging times.

“Keeping in mind the complicated economic situation for us is extremely important to hear about the problems, which our clients face every day, as well as their needs and requirements, and to address them through effective banking solutions developed according to the profile of each one of them. In this regard, these meetings at a regional level have come to hold increasing significance for us. We will continue our successful tradition of close dialogue during the next year. We are pleased that we have the support of local authorities because only by combining the efforts of business, the state and the financial sector, can we successfully overcome the challenges of the current economic situation”, said Yiannis Vouyioukas, Head of Corporate Banking, Postbank.

Postbank strives to stay close to its clients supporting their projects and helping their business plans become reality. The bank offers a wide range of products and services specially developed for the needs of the business: loans and deposits, payments and management of free resources, treasury products and services, leasing services, trade financing, factoring and forfeiting, investment banking and international banking services as well as preferential interesting rates and servicing if the corporation is a client of Eurobank EFG Group in more than one country. The main sectors of business that the bank finances in Varna and the region are chemical industry, tourism, agriculture and fuel trade.

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