Postbank is the most dynamically developing bank for 2009

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Postbank was declared the most dynamically developing bank for 2009 at the Annual Bank Awards, organized by Pari Daily newspaper. The financial institution won the distinction in competition with the best banks in Bulgaria, gathering a total of 30 points. The “Dynamic development” category in which Postbank came first reflects the improvement of bank indicators in 2009 compared to the previous year. The indicators used to determine the rankings in the category include bank assets, credits, deposits, interest income and shareholder equity. Asen Yagodin, Executive Director of Postbank, accepted the award on behalf of the Bank.

This year the jury which evaluated the banks for the Annual Bank Awards included Prof. Nikolay Nenovski, Dr. Tzvetan Manchev, Evgenii Kanev, Diana Nikolaeva, Dimitar Dimitrov, Vasil Raychev and Lena Rusinove. The financial institutions competed in four categories “Effectiveness”, “Dynamic Development”, “Client’s Bank” and “Bank of the Year”.

Earlier this year Postbank won the award “Fastest Developing Bank” for 2009 at the eighth international financial exhibition Banks, Investment, Money. The Bank also holds the disctinction in the category “Ethical and responsible conduct towards stakeholders” for 2009 in the competition for socially responsible company of the year, organized by Pari Daily newspaper and Deloitte Bulgaria.





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