Postbank launches innovative home loan “Flexi”

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Postbank has launched a new house loan called “Flexi”. The innovative product allows borrowers to control the size of their monthly installments according to their needs. This  functionality, which is unique for the Bulgarian market, will give borrowers the opportunity to reduce their monthly installments to 50% of the original size or increase them to 200% for up to six months of the year. Additionally customers will also be able to skip one installment per year. This feature will provide clients with higher flexibility when planning and controlling their budget and repaying their loan – borrowers will be able to pay less if experiencing difficulties or pay more when they can afford to. The functionality can be enforced after a full year of repaying the loan at regular installments.

The Flexi loan is available in Bulgarian Leva and Euro. It has a floating annual interest rate with a loan to value ratio of up to 80% and can be combined with the “Payment protection” insurance program, as well as “Premia” and “Easy life” discount programs. Borrowers can apply for loans with a maximum size of 250 000 EUR and a repayment term up to 30 years.

“We developed the Flexi home loan to meet our clients’ dynamically changing needs. The decision to take a home loan is a very important one in every person’s life and we wanted to give clients that extra flexibility that will give them the necessary confidence and control they need right now. In this regard Flexi is a very innovative product and has specifically been designed to give customers added value,” said Ioannis Kitixis, Head of Mortgage Lending at Postbank.

Additional information on the Flexi home loan is available at all Postbank branches countrywide.


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