Postbank named Best Retail Bank for the fourth consecutive year

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The financial institution again ranked among the best banks in the prestigious World Finance Banking Awards competition

28 July 2021

Postbank again won a place among the world’s best banks, receiving for the fourth consecutive year the Best Retail Bank in Bulgaria accolade at the World Finance Banking Awards. The competition is organized by the prestigious magazine World Finance, which covers and analyzes the financial industry, international business and economy. The outstanding achievements of the international group, Eurobank, received well-deserved recognition in this year’s edition of the heated competition – the banks in the group won a total of four awards in various categories. 

Postbank’s award comes as a recognition of its innovative, sustainable and customer-oriented approach of retail banking, rich portfolio of products and innovations, provided added value, wide branch network, as well as the high customers’ confidence in the lender. Postbank won the award also thanks to its ability to respond and be relevant to the needs of its customers in the turbulent period of a pandemic.

“We have received the award from the international competition World Finance Banking Awards for the fourth time and we are proud of it. We can say that the more awards we win the more valuable they are for us. They are a clear sign that we are confidently moving in the right direction, that we are close to our customers and respond with flexible solutions to their needs, that we apply the right business strategy. Innovation and digitalization are in the DNA of our bank. We relied on them, indeed, to provide stable support to our customers in the hard times of the pandemic. The unfavourable situation did not stop us from introducing many innovations with the ultimate goal of offering an even better customer experience. We have opened an online mortgage lending centre, unique digital zones, Premium Banking centres and launched many innovative banking products. This is a reward we won thanks to the work and expertise of our employees and the confidence of our customers. We would like to thank them,” Postbank commented.

The bank was awarded in another prestigious competition of the reputed magazine – World Finance Digital Banking Awards. In 2020, the financial institution was named Best Digital Bank, and won the award Best Mobile Banking Application for consumers in Bulgaria. Postbank has quite recently launched its latest digital solution – ONE wallet by Postbank mobile wallet.

World Finance is a print and online magazine providing comprehensive coverage and analysis of the financial industry, international business and the global economy. The magazine is issued by London-based World News Media and targets an audience of finance professionals, and corporate and private investors. It also covers a broad range of banking and insurance topics. World Finance magazine has been organizing the eponymous annual competition – World Finance Awards, which recognizes global business achievements, success and innovations, since 2007.


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