Postbank offers a new consumer loan designed to “suit” the client

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Postbank offers a new special consumer loan with the opportunity for the clients to control themselves the size of the payments depending on their plans and pace of life. The new offer’s pricing conditions and preferences are tailored according to the client’s individual financial profile.

The loan includes a new “Flexi” option, which allows the customers to take advantage of a flexible payment of the monthly installments. It allows skipping one payment annually or reducing the monthly payment by 50% during 6 months of the year. Postbank’s clients who have received a loan after June 6, 2012, can use the new “Flexi” option, without owing fees or commissions. 

The additional advantages of the offer include a lower interest rate with payroll transfer to a current account in Postbank, a maximum period of the loan 10 years, coverage of the monthly payments in cases of unemployment, disablement, hospitalization, etc., 24 hours application response.

The bank will charge half disbursement fee and half application fee to loan applications received by July 31, 2012. Additional information on the conditions of the new consumer loan can be found at, and at tel: 0800 18 000, or at the nearest branch of Postbank.

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