Postbank offers improved conditions on Safe Home Loan

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Postbank has introduced improved conditions for its “Safe Home” house loan. Customers who receive their salary in the bank can take advantage of a preferential interest rate of 7.35% for loans in euro, which is fixed for the first two years. The loan also allows for an additional interest rate reduction for good customers after the initial two years of fixed interest for the remainder of the repayment period.

The “Safe Home” loan can be used for real estate purchase, home repair and improvements, construction and completion of residential properties. Loan conditons include maximum loan size is 500,000 euro at up to 80% LTV with a tenor reaching 35 years.

“Safe Home” borrowers can take advantage of Postbank’s “Payment Protection” Program that provides customers with additional security in case of unforseen events in their lives with its Unemployment and Life insurance packages. The program protects monthly instalments and the full loan size against involuntary unemployment or health issues.

Customers can receive more information and a personal consultation on loan conditions at their closest Postbank branch.




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