Postbank offers new service – Debit Card Insurance Program

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Postbank enhances its portfolio with a new service – Insurance Program for Debit Cards. The program offers Postbank’s debit cardholders an additional opportunity to protect their funds. The service is offered in answer to client demand for additional security against unexpected expenses and inconveniences in the case of debit card theft and unauthorized use.

The Debit Cards Insurance Program offers coverage in cases of unauthorized use of a debit card after it has been stolen, theft of official documents along with the card, theft of funds right after they have been withdrawn with the card, as well as theft of purchases made with it. The price of the service is BGN 2 per month and it can be used by clients with newly issued debit cards as well as existing ones.

Additional information about the new service and its terms are available at Postbank’s website ( or in the bank’s nearest branch.

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