Postbank presents ONE wallet – a last generation mobile wallet

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The free service provides Postbank’s customers with convenience, excellent experience and a modern payment method

ONE wallet by Postbank is the latest service in the rich portfolio of digital solutions that Postbank is developing for its customers. Assessing the growing consumer needs, today Postbank is presenting an innovative concept for a service focused on convenience, security and excellent control in contactless card payments and money transfers via a phone. The mobile wallet is a last generation high-tech application that is in line with the strategic framework for development of the ecosystem of the financial institution’s digital banking channels. Using ONE wallet by Postbank, consumers can rely on constant development and a wide range of additional functionalities the bank plans to gradually implement in order to offer excellent customer experience.

The various capabilities of the mobile wallet, designed for active users, provide speed, convenience, security and freedom in contactless card payments and money transfers via a smartphone. The bank’s customers can use ONE wallet by Postbank for payments in all retail outlets in Bulgaria and abroad wherever contactless POS terminals are available.

“Postbank’s team was prepared for last year’s challenges because our dynamic development is based on innovation and digitalization. Innovative solutions are an integral part of our business strategy. We manage to grow in line with the latest global trends in the financial field, sustainably planning and implementing a wide range of diverse functionalities to provide even better customer experience to our clients.  As a high-tech institution focused on the future of banking, we continue to add modern digital solutions to our product and service portfolio as an alternative to traditional banking channels. The ONE mobile wallet is a tool for fast, secure and convenient contactless payments, which will provide our customers with more free time, comfort and excellent experience,” Petia Dimitrova, CEO and Chairperson of the Management Board of Postbank, commented.

ONE wallet by Postbank is a mobile wallet, which would meet the needs of every client of Postbank. They can instantly block/unblock all cards issued by the bank, as well as select concrete channels (ATM/POS/Internet) through which to use their cards. ONE wallet by Postbank gives modern customers with a dynamic everyday life the necessary convenience when paying at POS terminals complemented by a high level of security and protection via biometric data. Another two useful tools for personal finance management are the options for making fast money transfers between mobile wallet users and for adding loyalty cards just by scanning a barcode. The most active customers will have the opportunity to make contactless payments without having to use their phone if they have an Apple Watch, Garmin or FitBit smartwatch that supports any of the following services: Apple Pay, Garmin Pay or FitBit Pay.

ONE wallet by Postbank is available for users of Android- and iOS-based smartphones. The users of Android devices can make contactless payments via NFC functionality of the app itself. Under iOS, payments can be made through the Wallet (Apple Pay) functionality of iPhones. Transfers and contactless (NFC) payments via a mobile phone can be made both with the digital card, provided by the bank without maintenance and service fees upon registration in the application, and with any other card issued by Postbank.

ONE wallet by Postbank provides flexible activation options – customers can sign up by using their e-Postbank internet banking login details or by entering the data of one of their Postbank cards in the application. Upon registration, the application displays all cards and customer accounts are automatically, as each user receives a free digital card as a bonus.

More information about the mobile wallet is available via 0700 18 555 (Customer Service Centre), short number *7224,, as well as on Postbank’s official Facebook page, on or


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