Postbank’s Increases Security of Transactions at its ATMs

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Postbank has launched an iFDI installation process at all of its ATMs across Bulgaria. The devices will provide the Bank’s customers with a higher degree of security when making transactions such as cash withdrawals at Postbank ATMs. The iFDI is a special device that is installed at the card reader and is visible for the ATM user. The device prevents the installation of fraudulent skimming devices at the ATM. Any damage inflicted to the iFDI device automatically cuts off the electrical supply to the card reader automatically. When this happens the ATM will not accept any cards until any security inssues have been resolved by a Bank specialist, preventing any possibility for card fraud. 

“We are increasing the security of our ATMs in continuation of our efforts to constantly improve the quality of our services and products we offer our clients. This step will give all cardholders increased protection when using Postbank’s ATMs and the convenience of safe and easy access to their funds at all times,” said Stoilka Arsova, Head of Alternative Channels at Postbank.

Postbank has a network of 320 ATMs across Bulgaria.



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