Postbank team cleaned Pancharevo lake area for fifth consecutive year

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May 12th, 2012, Sofia

Over 200 Postbank employees for a fifth time revived the beauty of the Pancharevo lake after cleaning one of the most polluted area – from the Row Base area to the “Beach” bus stop.

The bank has a long term engagement in the campaign “Crystal Purity of Pancharevo” as a part of its environmentally responsible and sustainable development policy. Every year the initiative brings together employees and their families, who – with the cooperation of Pancharevo Municipality, local residents, students and teachers from the Anglo American School take care of the Pancharevo lake to preserve it as one of Sofia citizens’ most favorite places for relaxation and entertainment.

As a result of the common efforts this year more than a thousand kilos of trash were collected and removed from the area nearby Pancharevo’s Row Base.

This is the second year the “Crystal Purity of Pancharevo” project is being carried out as part of bTV’s large-scale initiative “Let’s clean Bulgaria for a day” having more and more volunteers with it.

„It is great pleasure for us to join the initiative every year and Pancharevo has become a symbol of our green efforts. In our every day work we strive to preserve nature and to ensure for our children a cleaner and nicer environment in the future”, volunteers from the bank shared.

“Postbank joined bTV campaign for a second year in a row and we are happy that the initiative has turned into a really huge, significant and efficient project. We fully share the “green idea” – our bank has an operating Green Board and a special internal program, every year we reward our most ecological branches and I would like to share that we have serious eco-oriented plans with regards to the future development of the bank”, Iliana Zaharieva, Head of Corporate Communications said.

The “Crystal Purity of Pancharevo” initiative is part of Postbank’s overall strategy for environmental care entitled “Green start with Postbank”, which started in 2008 and continues to develop as an internal campaign for encouragement of the eco-behavior of employees and for decreasing the negative impact of the bank’s activity on nature.

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