Postbank wins two international awards for its digital innovations

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The financial institution reports a 50% annual increase in the transactions via m-Postbank mobile banking app

25 January 2022

Postbank won two prestigious international accolades from the World Finance Digital Banking Awards 2021 of the reputable World Finance magazine. The awards are in the categories, Best Digital Bank Banks, Bulgaria, and Best Mobile Banking Apps, Bulgaria. The financial institution has won them for the second consecutive year as yet another recognition of its outstanding achievements in the field of digital banking services.

Every year, the World Finance magazine holds the World Finance Digital Banking Awards to recognise the institutions that change the financial field through innovation. Taking into account the global trend of consumers’ increasing preference for digital forms of banking, Postbank is consistently implemented its strategic framework for developing an ecosystem of digital and traditional banking channels, and is constantly introducing customer services with high added value.

“In the last one year, we have seen a significant increase in digital financial transactions compared to those in the physical branches of the Bank. At the beginning of 2021, the transactions conducted online accounted for 77% compared to 23% of those in branches. At the end of the year we witnessed an even more positive trend – 85% online transactions and 15% transactions in bank offices,” Postbank explained. The number of the Bank’s customers conducting online transactions went up by 21% (including individuals and companies) and the total amount of transfers via its internet banking app increased by 39% compared to 2020.

“The awards Postbank has received for yet another year are an assessment of our uncompromising standards in terms of the quality of our rich range of products and services, and a sign of the full commitment and special attitude of our team to the details and needs of our customers. Innovation and the pursuit of continuous improvement are embedded in our corporate DNA. Our leading goal is to be of maximum benefit to our customers, providing them with excellent experience and offering them modern solutions, spaces and concepts that best meet their needs at any time and from any place. Being among the leaders in the field of digital banking is not only a vocation, but also a motivation to continue to grow in this direction because our customers appreciate it and expect it from us. We accept the awards with great responsibility and continue to pursue our high future goals,” Postbank commented.

The Bank’s 2021 statistics also show that the m-Postbank mobile banking application is becoming the main channel for the daily banking activities of the financial institution’s customers. The average monthly usage of the application was 17 times and the number of transactions made through it increased by 50%.

Along with the exclusive features of the m-Postbank mobile banking application and the modern branch network, Postbank has developed and offered a number of innovations for the convenience of its customers, including the ONE wallet digital wallet, Smart POS by Postbank mobile innovation and has expanded the functionality of its digital express banking zones. As a result, the Bank reported an increase of 159% in the number of transactions conducted through them. The Bank’s clients have the opportunity to request a professional video consultation for a mortgage loan in just a few clicks in real and convenient time with Postbank’s experts through the innovative Online Mortgage Lending Centre service or to use EVA Postbank virtual assistant.

The recognition is another proof of the success of Postbank, as in 2021, the financial institution won a place among the world’s best banks by receiving Bulgaria’s Best Retail Bank award from the World Finance Banking Awards competition.

World Finance is a print and online magazine providing comprehensive coverage and analysis of the financial industry, international business and the global economy. The magazine, published by World News Media in London, targets an audience of finance professionals, corporate and private investors, covering a wide range of banking and insurance management topics. Since 2007, World Finance magazine has organized the annual World Finance Awards competition, which aims to recognise business achievements, success and innovation around the world. The magazine has held the World Finance Digital Banking Awards competition since 2016 to recognize the outstanding digital solutions and innovations of banks around the world.

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