Postbank with attractive exclusive conditions of term deposits

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Postbank launches an exclusive new offer – 5-month term deposit in BGN, EUR and USD with attractive interest rates. The new offer corresponds to the increased demand for savings accounts and term deposits and is very appropriate for clients looking for safety and profitability in the face of the general recourse to decreasing deposits’ interest rates.  

The attractive term deposit is designed for new and existing clients of Postbank and they can take advantage from it in the period 01.02 – 29.02.2012 at the minimum opening amount of BGN 500. The interest rate for deposits in BGN reaches up to 6,0% for amounts up to BGN 20 000 and up to 6,2% on an annual basis for deposits exceeding this amount. The maximum interest rate for deposits in EUR is 5,45% and for USD deposits – 4,30% on annual basis. Once the first contracted period of the deposit expires the amounts will accumulate interest under the conditions and interest rates of the relevant standard 6-month term deposit.

The bank keeps its special leading deposit proposals offering the option to receive the interest for the entire term of the deposit in advance. The 3-month „Advance interest” deposit offers interests rates for amounts in BGN and EUR up to 5,50% and 5,15%. The 12-month „Advance interest” deposit offers interest rates of 6,3% for deposits in BGN, 5,75% for ones in EUR and 4,5% for USD deposits.

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