Postbank with new Active Money Savings Account

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Postbank with new Active Money Savings Account with guaranteed high profitabilityUntil April 30th the Bank’s clients can deposit additional amounts of money to their accounts.Postbank offers new unlimited Active Money savings account in BGN, EUR and USD with high profitability, commensurate with the profitability of the deposit products of the Bank. The benefits of the account include  periodically increasing interest rate, reaching up to 6.20% in BGN, up to 6% in EUR and up to 5% in USD.

The new product is launched under promotional terms – the clients can deposit additional amounts of money to their accounts until April 30th. After expiration of the promotional period, the clients can deposit up to 1000 currency units per month. The product allows the clients to withdraw funds any time they want, as long as they have a minimum balance of 1000 currency units.

The Active Money savings account is offered without opening fee, monthly management fee, and fee and commission for depositing cash. The accumulated interest is transferred to the same account every 12 months.

„We developed this product in order to meet the needs of the clients who look for higher profitability while having free access to their funds. In these dynamic and challenging times the clients demand more and more and they choose products which offer at least several benefits. With the Active Money savings account they feel safe as they receive guaranteed interest and have access to use their funds. If they add amounts within the allowed maximum per month their return can be even higher compared to any term deposit”, said Martin Bogdanov, Head of Personal Banking and Deposits at Postbank.

More information about Postbank’s savings and deposit products is available at, at 0800 18 000 or at the nearest branch of Postbank, where our experts provide personal consulting.

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