SeeNews launches TOP 100 SEE 2015 ranking of the biggest companies in Southeast Europe

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SOFIA, October 6, 2015 – For the eighth consecutive year SeeNews (, a business news and market intelligence provider for Southeast Europe, is publishing its ranking of the biggest companies, banks and insurers in the region. Apart from the flagship ranking of the larg¬est non-financial companies by total revenue, the SeeNews TOP 100 SEE ranking ( includes sub-rankings of the most profitable companies, the most dynamic companies, the big¬gest loss-makers, the most successful industries and the companies with the biggest revenue per capita.These are complemented by analyses of the trends on some of the most vibrant economic sectors contributed by industry experts, and interviews with the chart-toppers and market-movers.

Subdued domestic demand and low exports, limited credit growth due to high non-performing loan ratios, market volatility and political uncertainty continued to curb the financial performance of the companies in Southeast Europe (SEE) in 2014. Overdue structural reforms weigh on the economies in the region, which failed to benefit fully from cheaper oil and the recovery of the euro area to offset the downward pressure of the Russia-Ukraine crisis. The total revenue of the companies in the SEE TOP 100 ranking dropped, and so did their combined net profit. Most of the negative score was posted on the balance sheet of the heavyweights – the energy companies. At the same time car and car parts makers firmed their positions as the new pace setters.

For the first time since SeeNews started publishing its SEE TOP 100 ranking eight years ago, the winner is not an oil and gas company but a car maker – Dacia, a unit of France's Renault, overtook OMV Petrom as the top company in the region, and this breakthrough is symptomatic of the changes taking place in the industrial landscape of SEE.

SEE TOP 100 also features an exclusive interview with Tomasz Telma, IFC regional director for Europe and Central Asia, on the challenges facing the region. A special chapter on innovations includes an interview with Michael Paier, general manager for Southeast Europe of IBM, on the risks to IT security for the business.

SeeNews is an independent worldwide provider of business news and market intelligence. SeeNews is a publisher of: The Corporate Wire, Power Market Review, Renewables, Competitive Intelligence and TOP 100.

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