SeeNews TOP 100 SEE 2012 ranking: Southeast Europe on the path of recovery

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The fifth edition of the SeeNews TOP 100 SEE ranking was released on October 11, 2012 during an official ceremony in the Bulgarian capital Sofia attended by economy minister Delyan Dobrev and foreign minister Nikolay Mladenov. The event featured a discussion panel with the participation of representatives of SeeNews, Industry Watch, Financial Market Services, IENE, BFIEC, Ernst&Young Bulgaria and Perceptica Media Research on the recovery trends and the challenges facing the leading companies in the region.

The SeeNews TOP 100 SEE ranking ( includes the best performing companies registered in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia. “For the first time we have included research on Turkey and Greece, setting the scene for companies from the two countries to enter the TOP 100 rankings in the future,” says editor-in-chief Mira Karadzhova. The edition features three major charts – TOP 100 Companies, TOP 100 Banks and TOP 100 Insurers, as well as additional rankings, company and country profiles, interviews and feature stories on major events and trends in Southeast Europe (SEE) in 2011.

Companies from the oil and gas sector again occupied the top three positions in the TOP 100 Companies ranking, which comprises the biggest non-financial companies in the region in terms of total revenue. Traditionally, the sector dominates the chart – it has eight top 10 entries in 2011 versus seven in 2010 and six in 2009. Romanian oil and gas group OMV Petrom, majority-owned by Austria’s OMV, topped the ranking for the fourth year running with total revenue of 4.1 billion euro in 2011. The electricity sector was the second most widely represented industry on the list. Thirteen retailers and wholesalers made it into the top 100, down from 16 in 2010. Telecoms numbered 10 versus 13 in 2010.

Romania, the region’s biggest economy, was the country with the largest presence in the 2011 edition of the TOP 100 Companies ranking with 49 entrants. Serbia knocked Bulgaria down a notch to take the runner-up spot with 14 entrants in 2011, and Bulgaria followed with 13 entries.

The full contents of this year’s edition of SeeNews TOP 100 SEE can be accessed on the publication’s official website,

SeeNews ( is the business news and market intelligence supplier which publishes the annual ranking of the biggest companies in Southeast Europe, SeeNews TOP 100 SEE.



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