State Μinister Gerapetritis promises tsunami of reforms

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State Μinister Giorgos Gerapetritis promised a “tsunami of reforms” over the following days in an interview with Skai TV on Thursday.

On the pandemic, he left open the possibility of new measures being taken, even without warning, saying that the phenomenon of the pandemic was dynamic. “You can not rule out any measure…If we need to ban activities again, we will do so if necessary,” he said.

He said that click-away retail shopping – where goods are ordered and picked up outside shops – may be relaunched from Monday. The final decision will be taken by the committee of infectious diseases experts meeting in the coming hours.

Regarding schools, the minister explained that the government wanted to reopen education at all levels but the experts had judged that this was premature and proposed a more gradual opening, so that the data can be evaluated.

On the issue dominating international news, the developments in the USA, the minister did not hide his concern that “the USA is not another country, it is the matrix of modern democracy”.

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