Tax notices for forgetful taxpayers

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Almost 100,000 taxpayers in Greece are set to be billed for incomes hidden from the taxman. All tax offices around the country have already been ordered to calculate and impose the taxes due, based on the data and information each has at its disposal.

This mostly concerns taxpayers found to have concealed retroactive pension payments, pensions from abroad and revenues from short-term property rentals. Those who are unable to justify their incomes to the Independent Authority for Public Revenue will receive a message on their personal Taxisnet account.

Out of those 100,000 taxpayers, 40,000 are pensioners who according to IAPR data received retroactive dues in 2014 but failed to submit a supplementary declaration.

There also are 10,000 taxpayers who have undeclared incomes abroad and 43,000 taxpayers who have failed to declare their total 2014 incomes, while the rest have not declared property rental takings from short-term rentals advertised on online platforms.


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