The Bulgarian company Balkan Services has successfully implemented an ERP project in a Romanian bank

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By Emporiki Bank Romania Project implementation, Balkan Services positions itself as a regional consultant in the field of business software

The Bulgarian consulting company Balkan Services has successfully finished a project for Atlantis ERP Financials business management system implementation at Emporiki Bank Romania, part of the French Group, Credit Agricole. Duration of the project was about seven months. It included the integration in the main bank system of Oracle FlexCube using QlikView Business Intelligence solution, as well as the implementation of Atlantis Web Services access platform, which allows more than 100 users to access the company data through desktop computers or portable devices. After the successful implementation of its project at Emporiki Bank Bulgaria EAD, Piraeus Bank Bulgaria AD First Investment Bank AD, Raiffeisen Bank Bulgaria EAD, UniCredit Group etc., the company is becoming a trustworthy supplier of ERP systems and other business software solutions for the financial field.  

“The successful implementation of ERP Project at Emporiki Bank Romania, as well as this of the previously completed projects at the branches of the same bank in Bulgaria and Albania, makes Balkan Services a regional consultant in the business software solutions scope and demonstrates our team’ capacity to carry out complex international projects. Among the ERP projects successfully completed by us in Romania belong also these at Altex and Monbat enterprises” – declared Philip Mutafis, a managing partner of the company – “Romanian project has been executed along with the non-stop communication with another four business solutions suppliers, including the main banking system, and was finished with the simultaneous migration for two rest days of all the bank systems.”

The project covers management of the interrelationship of all bank suppliers, information about advanced payments to employees, management of future periods’ costs as well as their distribution by cost centers according to the financial company’s organizational structure. ERP – system is fully synchronized with Romanian National Accounting Standards, International Accounting Standards, as well as with Credit Agricole corporative requirements. The new functionalities include also the daily reassessment of foreign currency positions and initiating of payments in local and foreign currency in the same time.

An important feature of the new system is that it can manage the Value Added Tax according to the local legislation provisions, and in compliance with VIES and Intrastat standards. Furthermore,  Atlantis ERP produces all necessary reports required by Emporiki Bank Romania with relation to the local regulations. The system performs also a modeling of Romanian Chart of Accounts in conformity with Emporiki Bank requirements at international level. Within Project frames, the Balkan Services team has also established a safety policy which determines the access to various types of corporative data, as well as customers’ groups, and which is entirely adapted both to the Romanian regulatory provisions and to the international standards.

The fixed assets management of Emporiki Bank Romania is automated and so is its reporting under International Accounting Standards, its revalorization, as well as the automation of records relevant to depreciation. In fact ERP system carries out an automated accounting; then distributes the resulted depreciation for the respective period to different cost centers and writes this information in the reports.

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