The first debit card that rewards for the purchases made with it – by Alpha Bank Bulgaria

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Dynamic Visa Debit is the newest debit card of Alpha Bank Bulgaria, which provides a percentage back for each purchase.  The card is the newest member to the loyalty program Dynamic and anyone could benefit form its favorable advantages with their own means without the need of an approval.  The only condition for receiving the debit card Dynamic is the opening of an account at Alpha Bank.

The debit card Dynamic Visa provides a return on each purchase equivalent to a percentage discount that the customer receives when paying with the card. The percentage is especially good for shopping in the established network of trade partners where it varies between 4% and 42%.The main partner of the loyalty program Dynamic is the French chain of supermarkets Carrefour, which provides a return of 7% of each purchase. The established trade network includes more than a 100 local and global brands with stores in the bigger cities around Bulgaria.

In addition Dynamic Visa Debit awards with a 1% return when shopping outside the trade network – on POS terminals around the world as well as online.

The sum of the cash-back accumulates and is provided back to customers in the form of a voucher that is used in all Carrefour stores.

The debit card Dynamic changes and facilitates the way consumers pay and makes the shopping smarter and more pleasurable. Especially for the launch of the card, the accumulated percentages of the first 1000 cardholders will be doubled. The promotion is valid until June 30th 2013.

To apply for the card, the clients can visit the nearest branch of Alpha Bank or the specially created Dynamic stands in every Carrefour hypermarket in the country. Application is possible also through the online platform Personal Loan Advisor –

The clients have the option to choose between a payroll high yielding account for the card with an interest rate of 3.5% or a standard current account as well as a package of services for their ease and comfort.

For more information regarding debit card Dynamic Visa and the established network of partners at:; 0800 19 222, as well as in the nearest Alpha Bank office.

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