The Wake up healthy! series starts on 19 April 2021 by PwC’s Academy

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The Wake up healthy! series consists of 3 sessions dedicated to developing healthy eating habits.

In the first session – Healthy Eating Basics – answers to questions such as ‘What does healthy eating mean?’, ‘Which foods are healthy, and which are not?’ are given. You will also learn how to read the food labels and pick the best produce available.

The second session is dedicated to the issue of Stress – what it is and how it affects the way we eat. The accent is on the foods we can consume in order to increase our energy and concentration and lower our stress levels.

In the third session, the connection between the Mood and the Food is explored. Is the food affecting your mood? Can you improve your mood by simply changing your diet? These are part of the questions examined.


The schedule of the Wake up healthy! series is:

19 April 2021 – Healthy Eating Basics

21 April 2021 – Stress and Diet

26 April 2021 – Food and Mood


For more information and registration click here.

The working language will be Bulgarian.

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