Through the use of UBB’s POS terminals, payment with Diners club credit cards has become possible

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In response to the clients’ needs of the prestigious Diners club Bulgaria to use their Diners club card for payment at larger number of commercial outlets in Bulgaria, from January 2012 a partnership between UBB and Diners club Bulgaria begins.

Thanks to this partnership, payment with Diners club and Discover credit cards will be possible in commercial outlets, serviced by the POS terminals of UBB.

This will lead to holders of Diners club being able to take advantage of the benefits offered by their unique cards by:

  • paying in more commercial outlets in Bulgaria using a POS terminal without a fee;
  • paying with their Diners club card in more than 3 000 new commercial outlets;

Now they can make payments in the gas station chains Petrol and Eko, as well as in the commercial outlets Jumbo and Zora. By the end of April, payments will also be possible in Rompetrol, Handy, Hippoland and others.

This way, the outlets in Bulgaria where payment via Diners club card is possible will be more than 10 000 in total.

  • Using more than 750 ATM devices of UBB in the country, if they need cash.

Consequently, the total number of ATM devices in Bulgaria which can be used to draw cash with Diners Club will amount to more than 4 500.

Since the beginning of its first introduction in Bulgaria until today, Diners Club Bulgaria has united more than 9 000 card holders who all have something in common – the freedom to pay everywhere in the world, to be welcomed with attentiveness and to take advantage of the unique offers and discounts. On a global scale, Diners Club always strives to provide convenience by increasing the number of outlets that accept the cards – a trend that is also adopted in Bulgaria.

All outlets that accept Diners Club credit cards, along with the special offers that come with them, can be viewed at

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