Top Companies’ Specialists Discussed New Sustainable Business Development Standards

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At the Business Inside conference, globally tested, but often new to Bulgaria, trends in various business topics were presented
Which qualities would make us more competitive in the future? How could different generations work together more efficiently? And how to motivate our employees? These topics were part of the Business Inside conference, which was organized by NLP Bulgaria, Balkan Services and Sodexo and gathered 150 guests. Lecturers were representatives of leading companies, among them HP Enterprise Bulgaria, Piraeus Bank, Wolf Theiss, etc.

The main topics that were discussed ranged from innovations and technological development through human resource management, social benefits, sales and improvement of customer and partner relationships. The focus was put on leadership, personal motivation, and discipline that sport teaches and their influence at work.

The event was opened by Mr. Iravan Hira, General Manager of HP Enterprise Bulgaria, who said that "We are in a race against time. It is our greatest enemy and our greatest ally". He also added that it is important to be prepared for the future and to define our competitive advantage as people. During the discussion panel at the event, Mr. Hira defined top five qualities a person should have in order to be competitive in the future: imagination, creativity, intuition, emotions and ethical behavior.

At the event a little-known in Bulgaria method to motivate employees was presented—incentive programs using company financial instruments, which virtually make the employees owners. According to Anna Rizova, Partner at Wolf Theiss "such programs aim at long-term retaining of key employees in the company and achieving specific results".

The participants at the conference were able to observe the way of operation of cloud business systems, which we can no longer call innovative, but rather necessary for modern companies, according to specialists at Balkan Services. At the event Mark Hurd, Chief Executive Officer of Oracle, was cited, who said in 2015 that "until 2025 80 percent of all production apps will be in the cloud. Today it’s about 25 percent." According to specialists, this could happen even earlier than expected.

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