Training Invitation March 2012 by Blanchard Bulgaria

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BLANCHARD BULGARIA presents to the attention of all HBCB Members and Friends the training program in March: Situational Team Leadership (STL)

The program has been developed to help the organizations and managers build successful teams,based on collaboration and achieving high results in the common work. This program provides a process for organizing the work in teams, helps for opening up effective communication, sets the beginning of effective activity, builds trust among the team members and encourages people to cooperate.

Giving Feedback

Developed on the Situational Leadership®II Model, the program focuses on giving feedback. Ken Blanchard has said that “Feedback is the breakfast-and the lunch, dinner, and midnight snack-of Champions!” No world-class performers could ever develop their talents without meaningful feedback on their performance.

THE CLASSICAL PROGRAM Situational Leadership®II

You will have the opportunity to acquaint with the most widely used leadership model in the world. Hundreds of Bulgarian managers were trained on this program and work successfully as situational leaders.


Situational Leadership®II is for all middle level and senior managers, project managers, talented employees and potential future managers.

The new programs “Situational Team Leadership” and “Giving Feedback” are appropriate for all managers, who know the Situational Leadership®II.



Sonia Slavcheva -Manager of Blanchard International Bulgaria Ltd.

Lyudmil Neykov – Certified Trainer of Blanchard


More information is available here.


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