Travel Store Maker: A special press conference an hour after Story Musgrave’s arrival

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The top NASA astronaut Dr. Story Musgrave will give his first live press conference on the topic of ‘Space Tourism and Travel Summit’, immediately after his arrival in Bulgaria. The press conference will be held at Sheraton Hotel at 3.30 pm, just an hour after Story Musgrave’s plane lands at Sofia Airport.

The astronaut will play a leading role and is the keynote presenter at the international event ‘Space Tourism and Travel Summit’ which takes place on March 17th at the National Opera. During the press conference he will share his first impressions of the Bulgarian capital; he will elaborate on the Summit and will answer all journalists’ questions.

The ‘Space Tourism and Travel Summit’ March 17th, 2011, part of which is the panel presented by of top NASA astronaut, is a special event included in the conference agenda of ‘Trends & Innovation Travel Distribution & Investment Summit’ March 15-17, 2011 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The Summit will provide a comprehensive overview and insight of the experience of space travel, the companies that develop space trip solutions (Virgin Galactic, Inbloon, Blue Origin, Bigelow, etc.) and of the various space travel offerings coming out into the market in the near future and how one can purchase a trip to space. The 20-year anniversary of the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria will also be celebrated during the event.

The press conference will be attended by John Hazlewood Founder and Chairman of the Board of and CEO of, Krassi Simonski Managing Director and Solomon Passy Founder and President of the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria and Former Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Story Musgrave will have a presentation later that day at the Sofia University St. Kl. Ohridski and the students will have the opportunity to be the first who will taste some of the inspiring experiences Story is going to share during the conference. The presentation will be at 7 pm at the rector’s building of the university and the access for it is free.

The main media partners of the ‘Space Tourism and Travel Summit’ and the international ‘Trends & Innovation Travel Distribution & Investment Summit’ are, Nova Television, BusinessWeek and Cross Information Agency.

More info on the Summits can be found at

The event will be held on March 16th, 2011 (Wednesday), 3.30 pm at Sheraton Hotel, Sofia to meet the NASA astronaut Story Musgrave. Please, confirm your attendance on 0884 840 757 or by e-mail

We are looking forward to meeting you there!

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