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GLOBUL offers its new GLOBUL Max subscription program with 500 bundle on-net minutes per month and another 500 bundle minutes to the operators fixed network at monthly fee of just BGN 12.90. Clients who sign a two-year contract for the new tariffs until the end of September will have a total of 1,500 bundle minutes to the operator’s mobile network or three times the usual amount per month for a period of 12 months.

Users who sign up for a two-year contract for the GLOBUL Max tariff with monthly fee of BGN 9.90 by end-September will get 600 promotional bundle minutes per month for calls within GLOBUL mobile network, or double the usual amount, for a period of a total of six months as well as 300 bundle minutes for calls to the operator’s fixed network.

Until the end of September, the GLOBUL Universe tariffs are available at double the usual amount of bundle minutes for national and Zone 1 international calls. GLOBUL also introduces its new subscription program GLOBUL Universe with monthly fee of only BGN 9.90 which gives up to 200 minutes for national calls, calls to the international Zone 1 for a period of six months.

Clients of the GLOBUL United, GLOBUL Unlimited, GLOBUL Web&Talk and GLOBUL 60+ will get double bundle minutes for a period of six months upon signing a two-year contract until the end of September.

The promotional offers are valid for all new GLOBUL subscribers and for existing clients who renew their contracts under the TOGETHER program.

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