UniCredit Consumer Financing AD and Technopolis together support SOS Children’s Villages Bulgaria

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On June 15th 2011, Mr. Pierre-Yves Guegan, CEO of UniCredit Consumer Financing AD, visited SOS Children’s Village in Dren to deliver a donation certificate. The donation check with charity funds raised by the joint campaign, was bestowed by him, on behalf of Technopolis and UniCredit Consumer Financing AD.

The donated amount will be used for the costs expenses of summer camp for children in the village of Dren.

In the period 15 April to 6 May 2011, UniCredit Consumer Financing AD and Technopolis, held a joint campaign in which each of the companies donate 1 BGN for each granted loan of UniCredit Consumer Financing in Technopolis’ shops, to help SOS Children’s Villages Bulgaria.

“We are delighted that our partners Technopolis are together in this noble activity. And in the future we will strive to help children from SOS Children’s Villages Bulgaria, with similar initiatives and other campaigns. We hope to include as much as possible partners in our next campaigns”, said Mr. Pierre-Yves Guegan.

The initiative of the two companies is a continuation of the campaign with the motto “Together we make the children`s dreams come true” that UniCredit Consumer Financing AD began in December 2010 with its partners across the country, donating 1 BGN for each granted loan in favor of SOS Children’s Villages Bulgaria. With the collected amount, one month’s expenses for food and clothing for all families in SOS village Dren was covered.

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