US interest for the tender to develop Alexandroupolis and Kavala ports

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The US investment fund “Black Summit Financial Group” is allegedly ready to participate in the upcoming tender for the development of the ports of Kavala and Alexandroupolis, according to US diplomatic sources, something that hightlights the USA’s geopolitical interest in the wider region.

Particularly on Alexandroupolis, according to the same sources, the guideline is the port and its strategically important assets should not end up in the “wrong hands”.

Washington’s interest in Evros is reflected in its support of the FSRU energy project, as well as the TAP and the under-construction IGB pipelines, which aim at a diversification of energy sources. Another factor contributing to the geostrategic importance of the area is the use of Alexandroupolis port for the US’s participation in NATO.

According to US sources, the third area of interest for the US – apart from the successful model in Elefsina and the ports of Alexandroupolis and Kavala – is the Thessaloniki-Skopje pipeline, as this will significantly increase energy diversification for all countries in the wider region.

Furthermore, the US government agency DFC (Development Finance Corporation)is eager to support these three projects, the same sources said.


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